Cause Pause

Reflections On Our Life in Jesus Christ

Today’s Bible Reading (from Psalm 72-73; Romans 9:1-15
Friday’s: Psalm 74-76; Romans 9:16-33       Saturday’s: Psalm 77-78; Romans 10
Sunday’s: Psalm 79-80; Romans 11:1-18      Monday’s: Psalm 81-83; Romans 11:19-36

For nearly two decades, Warren Buffett has availed himself to have lunch with the highest bidder in Glide’s annual charity fund-raiser.  The 2017 highest bidder plopped down $2.6 million to join the 86-year-old Buffett at New York’s Smith & Wollensky steakhouse.  Thankfully, the anonymous bidder can bring seven friends along for that price.  And the winner should be grateful for the bargain; 2016’s winner spent $3.4 million for the same meal.  All in all, Buffett’s lunch dates have garnered more than $26 million for anti-poverty causes since the event started in 2000.  I’d love to be one of the winner’s seven friends, or even the waiter who should mop up on a rather hefty tip, but it’s doubtful that meal-deal will produce enough insider information to cover the tab.[1]

Each day we can do something infinitely greater and don’t even have to bid on eBay for the privilege.  The King of kings and Lord of lords invites us to His banqueting table for a 24/7 buffet of divine presence.  It honestly seems a bit foolish to spend millions to eat with a billionaire, but it’s far more foolish to neglect a standing invitation to spend time with our Creator who owns it all.[2]

Best regards,
Mark Dillman
Minister, Airport Rd. Church of Christ

[1] Howard Batson, Wall Street Journal, 06/10/17.

[2] IOW, June 2017, Issue 2, “Prayer”.