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Roy and Carlene Barnhill

Roy and Carlene BarnhillThe Barnhills were married in 1975. Roy has 3 children from his first marriage (his first wife passed away at age 30), 2 children with Carlene, 9 grandchildren, and 1 great-grandchild.

Roy worked at Eglin AFB for 43 years and is now retired after working 2 other jobs. He has been an Elder since 1993 and was previously served as a Deacon.

Roy enjoys fishing, hunting, and piddling around the house doing various jobs. He's also a university of Florida sports fan.

Carlene was a homemaker until 1998 and now is the church secretary.



Ron (RD) and Helen Luker

RD and Helen LukerThe Lukers have been married since 1957. They have 2 children and 4 grandchildren. They moved back to Crestview in 2000 after being gone for 34 years.

RD is a retired Postal Inspector and still conducts national security background investigations for various government agencies. During his career, he has lived in 7 different states. He has served as an Elder in four different congregations and as a Deacon in six different congregations. RD has been an Elder with our church since 2003.

RD enjoys reading and visiting his children and grandchildren.

Helen worked for years with State Farm Insurance. She and RD have taught classes every place they have been, and she is our coordinator for younger Bible classes.


Joe and Gloria Martin

Joe and Gloria MartinThe Martins have been married for 37 years. They have 2 children and 3 grandchildren.

Joe teaches high school Seniors and has been teaching for 34 years.

Gloria is a retired elementary teacher of 35 years.





Frank and Anne Sauls

Frank and Anne SaulsFrank and Anne have been married since 1973 have 3 grown children.

As a Deacon, Frank's ministries were Education, Computer in Worship and Finance. Prior to this, he served as a Bible Class Teacher. Anne is a Bible Class Teacher and our Library Coordinator.

Frank was born and raised in Florida. He served for 20 years in the Army in radiology, and then worked as a Hospital Administrator. He now teaches classes at Northwest Florida State College. Anne was a Bookkeeper for 12 years.

During his leisure time, Frank enjoys watching sports, especially football, performing magic, and swimming.