Below are recordings of some of our recent sermons.  They’re posted here so that members who missed a Sunday can catch up on the sermon series, and so those of you who are interested in learning about our congregation can get a taste of our preaching.  We thank the volunteers who record for us and apologize that they aren’t professionally produced.

09-29-19 AM – DON’T YOU BELIEVE IT! – Lesson 3 – Everything Happens for a Reason

09-22-19 AM – DON’T YOU BELIEVE IT! – Lesson 2 – Karma’s Gonna Get Ya

09-15-19 PM – WHAT SAY YOU, EZRA? God’s Mysterious Ways!

09-15-19 AM – DON’T YOU BELIEVE IT! – Lesson 1 – Faith Can Fix Anything

09-08-19 AM – JESUS ASKED – Lesson 4 – How Can You Escape Hell?

09-01-19 PM – HOOK, LINE AND SINKER – Lesson 4 – Catch and Release

09-01-19 AM – JESUS ASKED – Lesson 3 – What Do You Want Me to Do for You?