Cause to Pause

Reflections On Our Life in Jesus Christ

Today’s Bible Reading (from Numbers 29-31; Mark 9:1-29
Wednesday’s: Numbers 32-34; Mark 9:30-50

We can only imagine what it must have felt like when John Glenn rocketed into space to become the first American to orbit Earth. The possibilities for catastrophic and fatal failures were seemingly endless, but the iconic American hero wasn’t frightened by the prospects of his Friendship 7 Mercury space capsule in 1962. After his death on December 8, 2016, the world was reminded of what he said at the time of his historic flight: “You fear the least what you know the most about.” That philosophy served him well and contributed to former NASA administrator Daniel Goldin saying of Glenn, “He had the kind of life that old movies used to be made about.”[1]

Our fears are usually based on insufficient knowledge, and generally it’s insufficient knowledge about the sufficiency of God.

Best regards,
Mark Dillman
Minister, Airport Rd. Church of Christ

[1] Houston Chronicle, 12/9/16, Front Page; People, 12/26/16, pg. 62.