Cause to Pause

Reflections On Our Life in Jesus Christ

Today’s Bible Reading (from Joshua 4-6; Luke 1:1-20
Friday’s: Joshua 7-9; Luke 1:21-38 Saturday’s: Joshua 10-12; Luke 1:39-56
Sunday’s: Joshua 13-15; Luke 1:57-80 Monday’s: Joshua 16-18; Luke 2:1-24

Nancy Holten learned a hard lesson about accountability in January of 2017. The 42-year-old resident of Switzerland had applied for a passport but was rejected because her neighbors think she’s obnoxious. As part of the process for gaining a passport the Swiss are evaluated by their neighbors, so if they’re viewed unfavorably, they don’t get the privilege of representing their country outside of their borders.[1]

If you had to withstand the scrutiny of a Swiss passport application, would your neighbors deem you a positive representative to the world? More importantly, are you representing your citizenship in heaven in a way that is attractive to the world?

Best regards,
Mark Dillman
Minister, Airport Rd. Church of Christ