Cause to Pause

Today’s Bible Reading (from Haggai 1-2; Revelation 17
Friday’s: Zechariah 1-4; Revelation 18         Saturday’s: Zechariah 5-8; Revelation 19
Sunday’s: Zechariah 9-12; Revelation 20     Monday’s: Zechariah 13-14; Revelation 21

As WWII began, the British government distributed posters to encourage resolve among their countrymen. The first series of posters went out in September 1939 and carried the message: YOUR COURAGE YOUR CHEERFULNESS YOUR RESOLUTION WILL BRING US VICTORY. As the war intensified, a second poster was released with these words: FREEDOM IS IN PERIL DEFEND IT WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT. They were scattered throughout the countryside and plastered on trains, restaurants, stores, and pubs. A third poster was created with 2.5 million copies, but it was never used and wasn’t discovered until six decades later. An auction of old books unearthed a copy, which had the same markings as the others: distinct all-caps typeface with a simple two-color format and a graphic of the king’s crown. This third poster contained just five words: KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON. It wasn’t used because the British government was saving it for an extreme crisis, like the invasion of Germany. Once found, it quickly escalated in popularity and was put on coffee mugs, postcards, and posters. People appreciated the simple but strong message to resist anxiety in the face of extreme adversity.[1]

“Look at the crows!  They don’t plant or harvest, and they don’t have storehouses or barns.  But God takes care of them.  You are much more important than any birds.  Can worry make you live longer?  If you don’t have power over small things, why worry about everything else?” (Luke 12:24-26, CEV).

Best regards,
Mark Dillman
Minister, Airport Rd. Church of Christ

[1] You’ll Get Through This, Max Lucado, 2013, pg. 148.