Cause to Pause

Today’s Bible Reading (from Malachi 1-4; Revelation 22
Wednesday’s: Genesis 1-3; Matthew 1

The 5-Second Rule is the gold standard for determining whether or not a dropped piece of food can be salvaged and eaten. Popularity of this cultural belief led Donald Schaffner to research and publish a scientific study on the matter, and the results were presented in the journal Applied and Environmental Microbiology. Schaffner is a Rutgers University biologist and an author of this research. Although there is plenty to read, the findings can be summed up in two sentences by Schaffner. He said, “The five-second rule is a significant oversimplification of what actually happens when bacteria transfer from a surface to food. Bacteria can contaminate instantaneously.” In other words, as one reporter put it, “the five-second method does not hold up.”[1]

This information may prove more helpful for relationships than food because people tend to believe something similar about connections with others. Unredemptive relationships can poison us immediately, so don’t dabble with ‘bad company that corrupts good character’ (1 Corinthians 15:33).

Best regards,
Mark Dillman
Minister, Airport Rd. Church of Christ

[1] Houston Chronicle, 9/21/16, pg. D6