Cause to Pause

Reflections On Our Life in Jesus Christ

Today’s Bible Reading (from 2 Chronicles 19-20; John 13:21-38

Wednesday’s: 2 Chronicles 21-22; John 14

Convenience has almost become a non-negotiable expectation that frequently overrides rational thought. Such is the case with a new funeral home in Memphis, Tennessee. Ryan Bernard recently opened his facility in an old bank building and is now utilizing the drive-thru window to accommodate drive-thru visitations. The casket is placed next to the large window, which used to serve bank tellers, so friends can more conveniently pay their respects. Bernard said the service was established for “those who don’t feel like the hassle of parking cars and getting out or those who are scared to come into a funeral home.”[1]

Sadly, we seem to have a difficult time comprehending that a fulfilling life is seldom convenient, easy, or free of fear.

Best regards,


Mark Dillman
Minister, Airport Rd. Church of Christ
[1] USA Today, 3/14/17, pg. 4A.