Below are recordings of some of our recent sermons.  They’re posted here so that members who missed a Sunday can catch up on the sermon series, and so those of you who are interested in learning about our congregation can get a taste of our preaching.  We thank the volunteers who record for us and apologize that they aren’t professionally produced.

09-29-19 AM – DON’T YOU BELIEVE IT! – Lesson 3 – Everything Happens for a Reason

09-22-19 AM – DON’T YOU BELIEVE IT! – Lesson 2 – Karma’s Gonna Get Ya

09-15-19 PM – WHAT SAY YOU, EZRA? God’s Mysterious Ways!

09-15-19 AM – DON’T YOU BELIEVE IT! – Lesson 1 – Faith Can Fix Anything

09-08-19 AM – JESUS ASKED – Lesson 4 – How Can You Escape Hell?

09-01-19 PM – HOOK, LINE AND SINKER – Lesson 4 – Catch and Release

09-01-19 AM – JESUS ASKED – Lesson 3 – What Do You Want Me to Do for You?

Our Sermon Archive is temporarily offline, as we explore cloud hosting options.  Please check back or let us know if you have any questions.