Missions is a huge part of the Airport Road congregation.  We strive to help spread the Gospel throughout our community and throughout the world.  We also financially support works that train new ministers and missionaries.  A list of the primary mission works we support is below.  Airport Road is also engaged in World Bible School.  Find out more about WBS under the Ministries heading.  If you have questions about our mission work or would like to suggest a new mission opportunity, please let us know.

“Behold, I say to you, lift up your eyes and look at the fields, for they are already white for harvest!”  John 4:35

  • Panama Missions (PM). PM is associated with the churches of Christ and is overseen by the Salem Church of Christ in Honoraville, AL.  PM teaches the Good News of salvation brought by our Lord Jesus and also provides medical care for the sick, builds houses and church buildings, distributes clothing, food and other necessities, oversees Operation Christmas Joy each year with shoeboxes full of small toys, candy, toiletries and Bible tracts in Spanish.

Offloading Operation Christmas Joy boxes for transport to village.

School children received new book bags


Panamanian children received wrapped gifts

Airport Road sends workers to Panama twice each year to teach and work with the churches there.  We provide direct support to Julian Miranda in Santiago, Panama, For more information on PM, click here:  Panama









  • Mount Dora Children’s Home (MDCH). MDCH provides children and families an opportunity to achieve wholeness (mind, body, soul and spirit) and stability through a combination of education, counseling, life resources, coaching, Biblical teaching, and mentoring so families become healthier and economically self-supporting.

Mount Dora Children’s Home

Each year, Airport Road church of Christ participates in the Change for Children program and also participates in the MDCH benefit dinners held in our region.  To find out more about MDCH, click here:  Mount Dora Children’s Home

  • Eastern European Missions (EEM).  EEM partners with a vast network of organizations to provide Bibles and Bible-based materials to 30 countries in over 20 languages.

    EEM Bible Distribution

    Find out more about EEM here:  Eastern European Missions

  • Churches of Christ Disaster Relief, Inc. (COCDR).  The COCDR immediately responds to any major disaster in the United States and US Territories, sending truckloads of emergency food, water, cleaning and other supplies for distribution to disaster victims through a local congregation of the Lord’s church.

    Church of Christ Disaster Relief

    In operation now for over 30 years, COCDR has distributed more than $168M in emergency food and supplies in every part of the USA, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.  Supplies are distributed by members of a local congregation in the name of Jesus Christ to anyone affected by the disaster.  Find out more about this outstanding organization here:  Churches of Christ Disaster Relief, Inc.

  • Camp Wiregrass (CW).  CW is a nonprofit Christian organization providing camp sessions for young people to learn good moral values and Bible principles in a safe, drug- and alcohol-free environment.

    Campers and family members from Airport Road at Camp Wiregrass

    Sessions are conducted by faithful members of the churches of Christ with the work overseen by the elders of the College Avenue Church of Christ in Enterprise, AL.  Learn more about CW here: Camp Wiregrass

  • Malawi Missions Fund (MMF).  MM began in 2014 as a vocational training program and has expanded into a Bible teaching curriculum for students of Mzuzu Bible College (MBC), a privately run Bible college associated with Churches of Christ, overseen by the Thomaston Roach Church of Christ in Macon, GA.

    Mzuzu Bible College benefits from Malawi Missions

    MMF helps these students become effective Gospel preachers and teachers, and helps establish new congregations in Malawi and the surrounding nations of Zambia, Mozambique and Tanzania.  Since MBC’s founding, the college has served over 2,000 students.  Learn more about MBC here:  Mzuzu Bible College

  • Faulkner University (FUNI).  FUNI is a private, Christian, liberal arts university in Montgomery, AL founded in 1942.
    Learn more about the history and future of FUNI here:  Faulkner University