Sisters in Service

Sisters in Service (SIS) is our women’s ministry program. Working together, the women of Airport Road strive to do God’s work in a manner pleasing to Him.

It is the vision of this ministry that through the Sisters in Service the female members of the Airport Road family will develop the character traits of the Wife of Noble Character, the spiritual wisdom of Deborah, the courage of Esther, and the willingness to serve in whatever way God calls that was demonstrated through Mary.  We further envision that through this ministry we will become a beacon of God’s love to our sisters in Christ, the congregation as a whole and the surrounding community.

It is this mission of Sisters in Service to work with the Deacons and other church leaders of the Airport Road Church of Christ to find ways for the female members of the congregation to serve each other, the congregation as a whole, and the surrounding community.  We will provide leadership for service opportunities, fellowship, and mentoring specific to our female congregants with opportunities to be provided to the greater congregation.

To this end, we do many things to uplift our congregation including:

  • Card ministry
  • Ladies auction
  • Fellowship needs
  • Limited benevolence
  • Ladies’ night out
  • Fellowship weekend
  • Ladies’ day with guest speaker
  • Other needs as they arise


If you’d like more information or would like to help with a SIS activity, please let us know.